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Friday, August 9, 2013

Know You Don't!

Let me be transparent here - I didn't write this gag.  It was a response to a similar joke I posted on Face Book and I thought it was funny.  The person commenting was an editorial writer at the Charleston Daily Mail and his name is Don Surber.  Don and I used to compete for the pun that went under the paper's mascot, a character called Charley West.  We have very different politics, but I've always deeply admired his writing skills

A number of cartoonists use joke writers, while some consider it taboo.  I've hurt a few of my readers' feelings when I haven't given proper credit for their ideas, so I want to be open and honest with everyone.  Also, I've solicited several gag writers who work with cartoonists, and I'll be very clear with you all when a joke is a collaboration.

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