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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

For My Mother

Monday was a day of the most dynamic emotional ups-and-downs I can remember.  As you'll recall, I announced I was now running daily in my hometown paper.  Later that morning, I received a call telling me my mother had passed away.

This wasn't unexpected, as she had been ailing for some time.  I'd gone back to West Virginia at the end of May to give my sisters a well deserved break taking care of her.  I knew this would be the last time I saw her and that knowledge made me reflect on our relationship.  I realized I'd taken a lot for granted.

My mom was always there for us.  As an adult, it was easy to forget the sense of safety and refuge a parent carries for a child.  So... I drew this for her.  Thank you for saving me from all the things that went bump in the night.  It has been the greatest privilege being your son. I love you.  Rest In Peace, Mom.


Ginger said...

No better tribute was ever written. <3 Rest in peace, Mrs. Diller. Ya done good.

FundayMorning said...

Thank you, Ginger!

Anonymous said...

For a brief while, I wrote a monthly column for the Charleston Gazette-Mail. Polly wrote me a couple of the nicest letters I've ever received in appreciation for little things I'd written. She'd always greet me with a smile, wherever I might run into her. It's all these little things that add up to our recognition of a great soul, and she was that.

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