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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Going Postal

Slick Joke

The Butt Of The Joke

A Goodyear For A Joke

Ticket To Ride

Butt, Butt, Butt

Yes, Dear.

Rock On

Hacking Off

Punch Line

Steppin' Out

Half A Mind

Miss Tree Woman

Cinder Fella

Smoke And The Water

Belle Of The Ball

Asleep At The Wheel

Safe Bet

He Wood Know

Call Someone Who Cares

Snow Business

Face Off

Pool Party

Last Call

Pitcher Of Health

Soft Touch

Slice Of Life

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Hatchet Job

Beggin' Strip

Disc Drive

The Persistance Of Memory

The Right Choice

Remote Access

Paper Trained

Money Talks


Blowin' Smoke

Different Folks

Mental Image

Wheel Of Misfortune

DIggin' Ditches

Keeping Up With The Jonesing

Road Block

Cruise Control

Doctor's Orders

Purring Engine

A Loan & Dying